Collection: Dryft Box


Key features-
The GrandSol board comes in a versatile size of 11'4"x41", providing ample space for multiple riders, ensuring stability and security for individuals of all sizes.

Enjoy worry-free adventures with a robust 500-pound weight capacity, ensuring stability and security for riders of all sizes.

Engineered with cutting-edge 500D drop stitch and a 1000D Fusion layer, SOLVIDA™ paddleboards offer unmatched durability and rigidity, creating a stable platform for your paddleboarding excursions.

The inner 500D PVC and outer 1000D PVC side rails provide additional strength and structural integrity, making SOLVIDA™ boards resilient in diverse water conditions.

Experience comfort and safety with the EVA material deck pad featuring a diamond texture, offering a non-slip surface for a secure footing during your paddleboarding adventures.

Effortlessly transport and maneuver your SOLVIDA™ paddleboard with inner webbing and outer neoprene handles, ensuring a comfortable and secure grip.

Boost your paddleboarding experience with stainless steel D-rings, adding durability and providing attachment points for accessories while securing your gear.