Our Story

 I think it’s safe to say that most people who hop out on a paddleboard have a sense of exploration within themselves.

And part of being an explorer entails noticing the beautiful simplicity found in nature.

That’s what Shane and I (Josh) wanted to capture when it came to designing our GrandSol and VidaGlide paddle boards here at SolVida.

Salt Lake City, our beloved home, is not only filled with explorers but nature inspired artists, like Jorrien Peterson. Together we teamed up to give our boards some local flare and represent our roots.

Shane & Josh Shoemaker, SolVida Founders 

While most companies prioritize design over quality, ours are evenly matched and enhance each other.

Across our entire paddle board line, you not only see unique designs from local artists, but unparalleled quality features like Fusion Drop Stitch Technology, Reinforced side rails, and EVA deck pads that create a smooth and stable ride with enhanced maneuverability.

One of the most humbling pieces of customer feedback we’ve ever received is that someone loved the look of their board so much that it actually made them get out and use it more and that they’ve become more active and healthier in the process.

And with that, our goal is to keep inspiring exploration of the places that connect us.