About Us

Welcome to SolVida™ – Your Premier Destination for Paddleboarding and Cooler Adventures!

Hello! I'm Joshua Shoemaker, co-founder of SolVida™. Back in 2020, my friends Shane, Derrick, and I embarked on an exhilarating journey to establish DRYFT GEAR, a dynamic outdoor company located in the stunning landscapes of SLC, UT. Our journey commenced with the launch of high-performance paddleboards, and later that same summer, we introduced the game-changing DRYFT BOX cooler, setting new standards for outdoor enthusiasts.

At SolVida™, we are devoted to providing unparalleled experiences in paddleboarding and cooler adventures. Our premium paddleboards, born from a profound passion for exploration, are meticulously crafted to enhance your on-water escapades. Whether you're gliding through serene lakes or conquering challenging rapids, SolVida™ paddleboards are your trusted companions.

But that's not all – our relentless commitment to innovation led to the creation of the DRYFT BOX cooler. Engineered for durability and unparalleled cooling performance, our coolers are the ultimate solution for keeping beverages frosty and snacks fresh during your outdoor exploits.

In 2024, we welcomed local entrepreneur Mike into our fold, marking an exciting chapter in our journey. This pivotal moment led to a rebrand, and we proudly became SolVida™. This transformation embodies our unwavering dedication to providing top-tier gear for paddleboarding and cooler adventures.

Step into the world of SolVida™, where each product is a testament to our love for the outdoors. Explore our meticulously crafted paddleboards and cutting-edge coolers, designed for those who seek the extraordinary in every adventure.

Choose SolVida™ – Where Every Paddle and Chill is an Unforgettable Expedition!