Utah Boat & RV Shows

Utah Boat & RV Shows

Ahoy, adventure seekers! Derrick and I recently embarked on an unforgettable journey at the Utah Boat and RV Shows, representing the vibrant spirit of SolVida™. As the founders of this dynamic brand, our passion for the great outdoors was on full display as we shared the excitement of our paddleboards and outdoor gear with fellow enthusiasts. Join us as we recount the exhilarating experience and express our gratitude to those who embraced the SolVida™ lifestyle.

Setting Sail at the Utah Boat Show:

The Utah Boat Show served as the perfect stage for SolVida™ to shine. Surrounded by a sea of boating enthusiasts, we felt the energy of like-minded individuals eager to embrace the thrill of open waters. Our SolVida™ paddleboards, born from the stunning landscapes of SLC, UT, captured the attention of those seeking not just equipment but pieces of art that resonate with the heart of adventure.

Gratitude for Our Supporters:

To those who chose to embark on their aquatic adventures with SolVida™, we extend our heartfelt thanks. Your support means the world to us, and we are genuinely grateful for the opportunity to be a part of your outdoor escapades. As you take your SolVida™ paddleboards to local lakes and rivers, know that you are not just riding the waves; you are embodying the vibrant spirit of SolVida™, making each journey uniquely yours.

RV Show Extravaganza:

Our excitement didn't stop at the water's edge – we also made waves at the Utah RV Show. The SolVida™ lifestyle extends beyond the shores, and our innovative DRYFT BOX cooler became a hot favorite among RV enthusiasts. With its durability and ability to keep things cool even in the hottest weather, it's the perfect companion for every road trip and outdoor adventure.

Celebrating the SolVida™ Way:

As we engaged with the RV community, we were thrilled to see the SolVida™ spirit resonating with those who appreciate the joy of life on the road. To those who embraced the DRYFT BOX cooler, thank you for choosing SolVida™ as your companion on your travels. We can't wait to hear stories of refreshing drinks and unforgettable moments around the campfire.

A Toast to the SolVida™ Way In the wake of the Utah Boat and RV Shows, Derrick and I find ourselves filled with gratitude and excitement. To everyone who shared in the SolVida™ experience, whether by purchasing our gear or simply stopping by our booth to say hello – thank you! Your enthusiasm fuels our passion, and we can't wait to see SolVida™ becoming an integral part of your outdoor adventures. Here's to the next wave of excitement, innovation, and living the SolVida™ way! 🌞🏄‍♂️

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